Many aspects need to be considered when we are looking to protect our homes and families - inheritance and capital gains tax, illness, loss of income and death; to name but a few. Assessing and advising on suitable financial protection is at the forefront of our financial advice; and whilst this topic can be difficult to address, we aim to ensure our clients are well equipped to make the right choices about protection.

Inheritance Tax Threshold

The inheritance tax threshold (or nil rate band), is the amount up to which an estate will have no inheritance tax to pay and Perpetual Independent Financial Advice can advise you on ways to protect your estate.

Protection planning

As consumers, we are often advised to take up insurance, and certain insurance policies have developed negative headlines in recent years. Other forms of insurance seem more accessible and necessary, for example, insuring your home, your car, your holiday. How can you make sure you are choosing the right policy for you? Consider the following possibilities:

Stolen car ~ Burglary ~Major Illness ~ Stolen Credit Cards ~ House Fire ~ Your Family Without Your Income.

Then ask yourself: "Which of the scenarios above am I insured against, and where’s the gap?"

We source protection independently from the whole-of-market.

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